Of strange bedfellows and business alliances

In business, as in life, no one can go it solo…sooner or later the need for some form of partnership or alliance arises. Even the bible stresses that, “It is not good for a man to be alone…” A need for marriage or courtship of some sort will surely come. We all know a few incompatible, unlikely and downright strange couples that have stayed married for years (against all odds). If it can be done in marriage with all its myriad of complications, in business, it should be a walk in the park.


The pursuit of our business agendas often dictate that we share our bed with the strangest of fellows, with rivals and filthy pigs. It is not unheard of for unlikely people to partner and record tremendous success. Rivals are known to unite towards petitioning or lobbying for some worthy cause. Politicians form coalitions, churches go “inter-denominational”. They first: (1) Set aside differences, emotions and sentiments and then (2) unite and focus on the common goal.

“I once saw a snake having sex with a vulture, and I thought, It’s just business as usual…”― Jarod Kintz, The Days of Yay are Here! Wake Me Up When They’re Over.

There comes a time, for any entrepreneur, when there is a need to forge a partnership with either an equity partner, a financier, rival, supplier or a client  who may not be their favorite person for one reason or another. When two entities have a common business agenda, differences and sentiments should not stand in the way. Once you are able to determine the complementary roles each of you will fulfill, add a bit of professionalism and you are good to go! The trick is to (1) focus on the big picture and (2) benefits from your intended achievement. That should see you through.


Being open to strategic alliances of one form or another opens up a Realm of Possibilities for your business. Keep an open mind. Do not be squeamish. If the end justifies the means, jump into bed with that pig.

In business, snakes do lie with vultures and we share our bed with pigs.

Remember…WE can do big things.


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