Of business ideas and procrastination

Starting a business (or initiating anything) is a staggering journey into the unknown. It is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. You are setting yourself up for a spectacular challenge. If you have the business idea, go for it. Do not sit back. Do  not be held back by the fear of the unknown. Take the first step into entrepreneurship and learn as you GO.

Anyone, YOU included, can start a business and do something BIG. You already have what it takes. Determining if you are the right person for the business startup experience can involve a complex personal evaluation and is a waste of time and energy. The good news is that entrepreneurship can be taught. It’s a journey, not an outcome, and you simply need to be doggedly committed to personally growing until you unlock your potential…and believe me God made us as bundles of potential.

The honest truth is that your idea has zero business value until you begin to act on it. Get into execution mode. Take the first step and learn as you go. Believe me, it becomes easier and more possibilities open up as you GO.

Take the first step today. Not sure of the first step? Talk to someone who knows. Let that be your first step. Talk to someone.

Remember, we can do BIG things…


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