Kissing the Business Plan

52963170Our last article stated that one normally drafts a business plan (1) to contextualize a business idea; or (2) for submission to someone else who can invest in their business venture. If you are writing a business plan for a prospective investor, It is important to realize that few investors will be as knowledgeable about your business as you are. Even more importantly, remember that your job is to educate them about your business, not to “snow” them with your technical expertise. In short, you need to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) your plan to increase its readability. Use simple, direct “Jack, Jill” language to describe all aspects of your venture. Never use a $100 word, when a five-cent bond coin word is available.

Your goal is not only to write your plan so well that everyone can understand it, it is to write it so well that no one can misunderstand any aspect of it. And that is very difficult to do.

Remember…BIG things happen when small things are done write right…


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