6 Ways to Improve Executive Summaries After Reviewing 32

The significance of an executive summary in a business planning document can not be overstated. This article gives valuable tips for any business owner in Zimbabwe, Africa, Europe or anywhere. Read on…

David Cummings on Startups

Earlier today I read through 32 executive summaries of startups that are presenting at Venture Atlanta later this month. Most were good, a few were sub-par, and several were excellent. After reading the executive summaries, here are six things entrepreneurs should do to make them better:

  1. Minimize Jargon – Every industry has jargon and terminology that is cumbersome and alienating to outsiders. Figure out how to minimize the jargon and provide a clear message.
  2. Don’t Cram Too Much – Two pages is never enough to cover every important point. Regardless, don’t shrink the font and try to cram so much in that the most important points get lost in the verbiage.
  3. Be Visual – If there’s a visual element to your story — chart, diagram, etc. — incorporate it into the executive summary to break up the monotony of text. Customer logos are a great visual.
  4. Use Strong Words – Investors…

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